Politics Nigeria to Get $16bn From Sale of National Assets- Bloomberg



The Federal Government is planning to rake in $16bn over the next four years from the sale of Nigeria's assets, Bloomberg reports.

A document obtained from the Ministry of National Planning, which outlines FG's plans for economic recovery from 2017 to 2020, revealed that the sales was to help tackle inefficiencies and stem “corruption in public enterprises”, though assets to be sold were, however, not named.

“They could look at reducing government stakes in oil joint ventures from around 55 percent to 40 percent or 45 percent -- that alone can generate over $10 billion,” Pabina Yinkere, the Lagos-based head of research at Vetiva Capital Management Ltd., said by phone. “Non-oil assets like concession airports are a more difficult sale because they would involve a lot of transactions.”

Nigerians are not too keen on the sale of assets by the government.


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