Business Nigeria's Refineries Produce 4.6m Liters of Kerosene, 7.7m Liters of Diesel



Nigeria's refineries are up and running.

According to the NNPC the country’s three refineries produced additional 4.6 million litres of Dual Purpose Kerosene, DPK, otherwise known as kerosene and 7.7 million litres of Automative Gas Oil otherwise known as diesel on Tuesday.

NNPC Chief Operating Officer of the refineries, Mr. Anibor Kragha, said this during his presentation before the Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream on the current status of the refineries.

“The refineries are all running, they are producing and they are all fully re-streamed. We are ready to take Senators of this committee on a facility tour of all of them on a date that is convenient for the Senators to have a first-hand status of the refineries,” Kragha said.


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