NMA Inaugurates 15-man Ebola Control Committee in Anambra



Weeks after suspending it's strike, the #Anambra state chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association, #NMA have inaugurated a committee to check the presence and spread of #Ebola virus in the state, National Mirror says.


Following the suspension of the two-month old strike of the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, the Anambra State chapter of the association, yesterday inaugurated a 15 man Ebola control committee that will liaise with the State Government committee on Ebola in sensitising the public to Ebola disease and control.

While inaugurating the committee in Awka, the State chairman of NMA, Dr. Eric Anazodo charged the committee members which have a public health physician, Dr. Achunam Nwabueze, as Chairman and Dr. Ifeoma Ajuba as Secretary including other members to take the public health enlightenment campaign on Ebola to churches, schools, communities, market places and government ministries.

“We are happy that Anambra is Ebola free but prevention, they say, is better than cure. This committee will educate our people on the Ebola virus, how it is contaminated, prevention and control,” he said.

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