Metro Oba Of Lagos 'Disgraces' Ooni of Ife In Public[VIDEO]

Joseph nedu

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Oba Akiolu is one 'hell' arrogant monarch. It's not his first time of being in the media for the wrong reasons. He once said he will throw some set of tribal kinsmen into the lagoon... That's when I knew this dude can do and 'undo'. Whatever the case may be, that was unfair to a King that is even 'greater' than you, irrespective of age. Nonsense.
The headline should have been Oba of Lagos disgrace his whole generations

If anybody watch this video closely, u will see it that one oba seating before ooni chair even gave standing for ooni before he seated back"that oba with white crown". Dis shows ooni is the head of all obas. If oba akinolu like or not Aarole Odua ni Babanla baba won. Has he advised Igbo last time during 2015 election dat dey shd go to lagoon, same here I advise him too, to do sameting if refused to sees Aarole Odua as his superior. Oba ni sijuwade ekun Oko morishade, we'll always miss baba. No king, no king I say again dare Ooni baba sijuawade. Only alaafin can explain.


Hmm... "The power behind the monarch is so powerful"

What is the power behind the monarch? For example, is the Ooni a more 'powerful' monarch than the Sultan of Sokoto?
Why am i just seeing this :rolleyes:

Going by tradition, the Ooni of Ife is an Oriisha . While other traditional rulers are expected to confer with the gods, he is a god. [Can't remember where i read that]