Metro One in every five Nigerian Women Is Victim Of Violence, Says Women Centre

Sandra Chiefe

One out of every five Nigerian woman or girl has been a victim of violence, according to the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD).

Ms Onyeka Onwenu, the Director-General of the centre, said this to commemorate the 2013 International Day of Elimination of Gender-based Violence at a round table meeting organised by the centre and the U.S. Mission in Nigeria.

Ms Onyeka Onwenu said, "According to the 2012 Gender in Nigeria Report, one out of every five Nigerian women and girl aged between 15 years to 24 years has been a victim of one form of violence or the other."

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Time to educate the guys, parents and girls/women themselves. Unless this is only talking about cross-gender violence. The same can probably be said for all children under the age of 15.