Metro Panic in Abua, Rivers State as Cult Groups Battle for Supremacy



There is palpable tension in Abua-Odual local government area of Rivers state as the ‘Greenland’ cult and the ‘Iceland cult' battle for supremacy.

FeelRivers wrote, "For the people of Abua, in Abua-Odual local government area of Rivers state, the reports of atrocities committed by the Boko Haram sect terrorizing the Northern region of Nigeria may just be another news from a distant land, but living daily with the increasing incidences of murder and destruction of properties by warring cult groups has become a scary reality in recent days.

Abua has known relative peace since the end of the bloody inter-communal violence between Ogbema and Amalem communities in the early days of the fourth republic. The recent upsurge of violence has its root in the struggle for territory and supremacy by the dominant cult groups operating in the area which our sources say are the ‘Greenland’ cult and the ‘Iceland cult’.

Like many other rural communities in the Niger Delta, activities of cult groups are not novel in Abua. Our sources revealed that there have been undulating tensions arising from intermittent clashes between rival groups leading to the death of several young men which are roughly laced with a graveyard peace.

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SOURCE: #FeelRivers