Politics Paris Club Refund: See How Much Each State Govt Got From Buhari to Pay Workers Salaries



The Presidency has released details of the Paris Club Refund Tranche 1 which was released to state governments.

Here are details of the transactions, containing the amount each state received as well as the accounts the monies were paid into.

ABIA: N10,631,324,520.96
ADAMAWA: N4,894,891,184.12
AKWA IBOM: N14,500,000,000
ANAMBRA: N11,386,281,466.35
BAUCHI: N12,792,664,403.93
BAYELSA: N14,500,000,000
BENUE: N12,749,689,453.61
BORNO: N13,654,138,849.49
CROSS RIVER: N11,300,139,741.28
DELTA: N14,500,000,000
EBONYI: N8,385,035,086.76
EDO: N11,329,495,462.04
EKITI: N8,877,476,163.58
ENUGU: N9,972,928,301.97
GOMBE: N8,319,552,518.63
IMO: N13,021,497,640.32
JIGAWA: N13,220,260,074.57
KADUNA: N14,362,416,363.24
KATSINA: N14,500,000,000
KEBBI: N11,118,149,054.10
KWARA (2 payments)
a. N5,415,167,236.97
b. N3,773,082,953.54
LAGOS: N14,500,000,000
NASARAWA: N8,464,951,458.28
NIGER: N13,412,075,268.20
OGUN: N10,675,236,931.70
ONDO: N6,513,392,932.28
OSUN: N11,744,237,793.56
OYO: N7,206,041,943.30
PLATEAU: N10,497,987,043.06
RIVERS: N14,500,000,000
SOKOTO: N11,980,499,096.97
TARABA: N4,202,983,799.33
YOBE: N10,068,371,796.86
ZAMFARA: N10,122,837,205.76

According to Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun, "the release of the first tranche, representing up to 25% of claims, being N522.7 billion commenced in December 2016. Disbursement was subject to an agreement by State Governments that 50% of any amount received would be earmarked for the payment of salaries and pensions.

"In addition, each Governor gave an undertaking that excess payments would be recovered from the Federal Accounts Allocation (FAAC), if the final reconciliation found that the amount paid under the Anticipatory Approval exceeded that due.

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