Politics Police Discover Arms in Zamfara Lawmaker’s Residence -The Guardian



MEN of Zamfara Police Special Security operatives from the Force Headquarters at the weekend stormed the residence of a lawmaker representing Tsafe Constituency in the state House of Assembly (names withheld) in Gusau, the state capital and discovered sophisticated arms and ammunition in large quantities.

The Guardian learnt that the security operatives arrived in Gusau following information on the presence of dangerous weapons within the lawmaker’s residence. The lawmaker is also said to be chairman of one of the House Standing Committees in the Assembly.

It was also learnt that several AK-47 rifles, two boxes of live ammunition and several tins of tear-gas were discovered in the lawmaker’s house in Gusau, while a grenade was discovered in his Tsafe residence.

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Source: The Guardian

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