Politics Police Shut Down Ondo House of Assembly as Lawmakers Fight Each Other



The Ondo state house of assembly on Monday was sealed by the police to prevent a breakout of violence between Malachi Coker and Jumoke Akindele factions, who are laying claim to the speakership of the house.

According to reports, the Coker faction removed Ms. Akindele and other principal officers last Friday for alleged N15million fraud. The money was allegedly found with the Assembly’s paymaster, Makanjuola Adesina, who said that it was withdrawn on Ms Akindele’s instruction for a project which he refused to say.

The embattled speaker maintained that she is still the speaker because her removal does not meet the constitutional requirement.

On Monday, lawmakers loyal to Coker entered the Assembly about 7am and Coker sat on the speaker’s seat to begin proceedings. The Akindele faction then stormed the Assembly with the embattled speaker challenging Coker for sitting on her seat.

He was said to have told her that she is no longer speaker, a statement which led to an altercation between the factions.

A team of policemen led by the Commissioner of Police, Mrs. Hilda Ibifuro-Harrison, who were in the Assembly to prevent breakdown of law, ordered the lawmakers and workers to leave the Assembly immediately.

She told them that the Assembly would be opened when they are ready to allow peace reign.


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