World Pope Francis Pleads for Mercy from Victims of Sex Abuse



Pope Francis has begged victims of clerical sex abuse for forgiveness.

According to New York Times, during his first meeting with the victims today, the Pope who described the abuse as a "grave sin" said, "Before God and his people, I express my sorrow for the sins and grave crimes of clerical sexual abuse committed against you. And I humbly ask forgiveness. I beg your forgiveness, too, for the sins of omission on the part of church leaders who did not respond adequately to reports of abuse made by family members, as well as by abuse victims themselves".

The Pope who met with six victims; two each from Ireland, Britain and Germany, vowed not to tolerate harm done to a minor by any individual, whether a cleric or not. He said the abuse scandals had had a toxic effect on faith and hope in God.

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