World Residents Attack Prophet Who Claims To Be ‘Almighty god,’ Beat Him To Stupor [PHOTOS]


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The founder of the New Jerusalem Tabernacle Church in Uganda, Pastor Severino Lukoya on Monday escaped being lynched after a group of angry locals pounced on him for his alleged ‘fake prophecies.’

The prophet and self-acclaimed ‘untouchable almighty god,’ had been accused of spreading falsehood and brainwashing locals.

He met his ‘waterloo’ yesterday after he traveled with his disciples to Kalongo for door-to-door prayer sessions.

He claimed he was sent by God Himself to deliver a special message and also cleanse the Kalongo area of evil spirits, Uganda Monitor is reporting.

According to the report, the prophet, who is known to preach in a mixture of ‘Acholi’ traditional religion, Islam and Christianity had said God called him out to walk on foot and do a door-to-door preaching until he covers the entire country.

But unknown to him, Kalongo residents, who got wind of his visit, had laid ambush for him.

Before Lukoya could embark on ‘redeeming’ prayer sessions, hundreds of angry residents descended on him.

As they reportedly battered him, they were quoted to have echoed: “He is not a true prophet. He preaches falsehood and false prophesies to us and we are tired of him.

But for the intervention of police operatives, the ‘prophet’ could have been lynched.

This was just as operatives from Agago District Police quickly came to the rescue of the prophet.

They reportedly whisked him away to their station.

Confirming the incident, the Agago District Police Commander, Albert Onyango said, “Residents hate him because of the past rebellion his daughter led.

“They also believe Lukoya is a cult leader whose presence brings bad omen.

“I think it is time Lukoya realized that he is not wanted in the district.

“This is the fourth time in less than two years that people are attempting to kill him,” the Police Commander added.

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