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Every day, hundreds of newbies enter the foreign exchange market. Most of them are looking for easy money, but few find it here. Before trading real money, you need to thoroughly study the market, understand how it works and where you can earn more money with minimal risk.

Perhaps you are sure that you already know this market since you have already been trading a little on it. But believe us, the best Forex trading education is necessary for all traders who want to become successful in this market. The Forex market is constantly fluctuating, the situation is constantly changing. The best forex education will teach you how to adapt and benefit from these fluctuations. So if you want to get a stable income on Forex, so don’t miss this step.

What to choose?

Nowadays, with the help of the World Wide Web, it has become quite simple to get high-quality knowledge about Forex trading. A huge number of libraries, articles, videos and audio materials are available on the Internet, webinars are constantly held here. Many resources are paid, but this does not mean that they are better than other sources. Now you can find good and high-quality materials for free! So pay attention to the following Forex training resources and learn at no cost to you.


BabyPips is one of the best learning Forex resources, which is useful for beginners. Babypips or The School of Pipsology consists of 11 courses, each of which contains required knowledge. The entire system of this resource looks like the school curriculum, in which the student moves step by step.


Training via Babypips is interactive and accessible. Here you will learn everything from the very basics of Forex to the peculiarities of technical and fundamental analyses. Illustrated pages of the site, accompanied by charts and graphs, provide detailed answers to a variety of questions.

JustForex Education

The JustForex broker website has a training section that will be useful not only for beginners but also for experienced traders. Here you will find everything you need to explore the market.

In the Forex Articles subsection the most necessary articles about what Forex is, who the main participants of the market are, how the process of trading takes place, what trading advisors are and much more, are collected. In Forex Glossary you will find the most needed and frequently used terms from the Forex lexicon. And in Educational Video section there are some interesting video tutorials.


Also, in addition, the JustForex website has the Analytics section, where experienced specialists publish up-to-date reviews of the macroeconomic situation, as well as a fundamental and technical analysis for 4 majors: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY. All this information will help you to close the deals with the maximum profit!


Investing is rather not a learning resource, but a news one, but it will certainly be useful to everyone. Here the most current global economic news is published. There is also an economic calendar here - one of the most useful tools for a trader. Among other things, here you will find analyzes and forecasts from leading analysts, interactive charts, useful information on all currency pairs and indicators and much more.