Politics The Boko Haram Plot and How The Presidency, Governors and Military Have Been Broken Apart


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There is a tripartite battle of public opinion at play in the polity as the Presidency, governors –particularly those from the North – and the military are all engaged in spirited public communication to excuse their respective ‘failures’ in the on- goingwaragainst BokoHaram,alias BH. The BH commanders must be having a big laugh for destabilizing the forces ranged against them.

We take the Presidency first, being the main act, in this morbid tangle in the public arena. The Presidency insinuates that the BH insurgency is a deliberate ploy to harass President Goodluck Jonathan out of power. It alleges sabotage from all – the main opposition party, the northern governors and even the military, the Presidency’s own armed enforcer. The Presidency, in its desperation, talks of a conclave of ethnic warriors, religious fanatics and opposition mischief makers ganged up against it. Jonathan has become the butt of jokes, virtually across the world, as the brazen, widespread violence of Boko Haram ridicules the authority of the state before a world audience.

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Source:Daily Sun


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