Metro The Sun - Opposition Politicians Are Funding Boko Haram,Preventing Release of Chibok Girls- Davis



Dr. Stephen Davis, self- appointed boko haram negotiator has blamed opposition politicians in Nigeria for the delay in the release of the Chibok school girls who were kidnapped several months ago.

According to THE SUN, in an interview Davis granted a UK news network, Channel 4 few days ago, he stated that, "The Nigerian opposition politicians sponsoring Boko Haram have to be stopped if hundreds of local girls are to be saved".

Davis emphasized that "senior politicians of a major opposition party are playing in channeling money from Al Qaeda to Boko Haram".

"These individuals are bank-rolling the group’s brutal activities to create instability ahead of the February 2015 Nigerian general election. There would be an endless cycle of evil if the Chibok girls are freed without the group’s sponsors being stopped. It would simply lead to many more young women being taken in their place".

"Tackling the moneymen behind Boko Haram must be an essential part of the West’s anti-terror approach. At the same time, those politicians implicated in the terror funding scandal must be investigated without delay. To do otherwise would mean unleashing untold trauma and devastation on hundreds more innocent Nigerian girls. To these young women and their families, the cost of further inaction would be incalculable", Davis said.

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