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Mere sighting a coffin instils fear in many mortals. But for Prophet Pa Samuel Olawale ( a.k.a Kogberegbe) it has no meaning as he sleeps in the coffin and in the grave preaching the gospel. Taiwo Abiodun reports

CONSPICUOUSLY displayed on this Mountain of Prayer is a big van with the inscription, ‘The Holy Michael Church of The Lord ( Aladura) Cherubim and Seraphim , Preacher Prophet S.O Olawale (a.ka.Kogberegbe).” In the said vehicle is a big white-creamy painted coffin covered with a black cloth having the following words ‘THIS IS THE END OF YOUR LIFE AND YOUR POST’ inscribed on it, all in capital letters!

Fear will normally envelope most people seeing for the first time a coffin draped with black cloth and a grave dug by the altar . This is, however, a familiar sight to the congregation of this church. They have grown used to it.

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Source: The Nation