Entertainment Top Yoruba Actress, Lizzy Aishat Anjorin Reveals How She Acquired 4 Exotic Cars in 4 Years

Top Yoruba actress, Lizzy Aishat Anjorin whose last movie, 'Kofo The First Lady' enjoyed an impressive run recently counted her blessings as she shed light on how she acquired and added 4 exotic cars to her garage in 4 years .

The actress played the humble card and praised God for his blessings. "I’m not cut out for flaunting wealth because it wasn’t by my power that I was able to acquire all I have but Allah, who has blessed me with all these. Yes, I have 3 SUVs with the latest being the Range Rover Evoque. I’m a hard working individual with God as my guide. I have been able to run a successful business and have done very well for myself in the Yoruba movie world."

Anjorin who recently changed her name to Aishat following her trip to Mecca for the holy pilgrimage also has in her garage, a Nissan Xterra, a Land Rover LR4 and a VW Bug."

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Source: TheNet

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