Metro ''Trans gender Women Are trans gender women'' - Chimamanda Adichie [CONTROVERSIAL VIDEO]



Last weekend, award winning Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie came under fire for saying 'trans women are trans women'.

chimamanda adichie3.jpg

In an interview with the United Kingdom’s Channel 4, Adichie, said, “When people talk about, ‘Are trans women women?’ my feeling is trans women are trans women.”

“I think the whole problem of gender in the world is about our experiences,” she said. “It’s not about how we wear our hair or whether we have a vagina or a penis.”

“It’s about the way the world treats us, and I think if you’ve lived in the world as a man with the privileges that the world accords to men and then sort of change gender, it’s difficult for me to accept that then we can equate your experience with the experience of a woman who has lived from the beginning as a woman and who has not been accorded those privileges that men are.”

See video below: