Metro Two-Story Shopping Complex Collapse in Abuja Traps Numerous People



A two-story shopping plaza in the Garki area of Abuja has collapsed, causing distress and chaos. The incident occurred during a heavy downpour around 11:50 pm on Wednesday. The building, situated near Lagos street, crumbled under the impact of the rain. Ikharo Attah, former aide to the previous minister of the FCT, confirmed the event on his Facebook page at around 2 am. He reported that 37 individuals were successfully rescued from beneath the debris. The rescue efforts are ongoing, as there are potentially more people trapped within the wreckage. Additionally, Attah revealed that two severely injured persons have been transported to the hospital along with those who were rescued.

He further stated, "So far 37 persons have been evacuated to the hospital, two fatally injured; others reportedly still trapped; rescue team and others are on the ground." Unfortunately, the ongoing rain is hampering the pace of the rescue operation. Efforts are being made to secure an excavator to expedite the process of extricating individuals from the rubble