Business UAE, Russia, Others Export Fake Lubricants into Nigeria - Report



According to a report titled "The overview of the Nigerian lubricant market", the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Russia, among others, are some of the countries on the list of lead suppliers of poor quality lubricants to the country.

Punch has more to say:

The report also stated that currently, indiscriminate importation of base oils (unfinished lubricant products) were far in excess of the installed capacity of the operating and functional lube oil blending plants. Base oils are converted to lubricants after a round of treatments.

The report noted that Nigeria had an “open market attraction that encourages the importation of finished lubricants of questionable quality and standards from the far East countries: Dubai, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Russia, among others.”

Stakeholders in the downstream of the country’s petroleum industry recently raised the alarm over the influx of substandard lubricants in the country and the proliferation of quasi-lubricant substances widely being used by consumers.

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