Metro UK Scammer Jailed Despite False Claims He's Waiting for Money From Nigeria's President Jonathan



Mark Ware, a conman in the United Kingdom has eventually been jailed, despite making false claims that he expects some money from Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan to pay off those he scammed.

Extract from Birmingham Mail:

A fraudster who lied that he would be able to pay back victims of a £160,000 building scam with the help of the President of Nigeria has been jailed.

Mark Ware’s sentencing was delayed after he claimed Goodluck Jonathan was set to hand a renewable technology firm which now employed him a $200 million contract, netting him a £2 million bonus.

But yesterday Judge Mary Stacey jailed the Sutton Coldfield conman for two years after hearing his “ship had not come in” and no cash had materialised.

Ware, 50, of Newick Avenue, had previously admitted three charges of VAT fraud and two of fraudulent trading. As well as being jailed he was also banned from being a company director for five years.

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