Metro US VISA: 7 Jobs You Should Not Add To Your Application



Celestine Omin, a 28-year old Nigerian software engineer was recently detained at US airport. He was quizzed on his job role with Andela – a startup that connects the top tech talent in Africa with employers in the U.S. - and asked to answer some questions to prove his mettle.

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He was finally granted entrance into the United States. But, sadly, Omin's case is not new. Most times, immigrants are unexpectedly grilled at point of entry into the United States, and if not fortunate enough, would be sent back to his home country.


But then, there are some jobs that can put you at higher risk of being sent back to Nigeria if you finally get a US Visa. They are jobs that you should avoid adding to your application.

They include:

1. Porn Star
2. Herbalist
3. Armed Robber
4. Alms Begging
5. Butchers
6. Bus Conductor
7. Mortuary Attendant

PS: This post is not to ridicule individuals involved in these jobs.