Why Do Some People Survive the Ebola Virus - And Others Don't?


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Current stats say the Ebola virus kills 60% of the people it affects. The question is, what about the 40%? What special qualities do they have that the 60% do not that helps them survive the scourge.

Yahoo! news says: "When a person becomes infected with Ebola, the virus depletes the body's immune cells, which defend against infection, said Derek Gatherer, a bioinformatics researcher at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, who studies viral genetics and evolution. In particular, the Ebola virus depletes immune cells called CD4 and CD8 T lymphocytes, which are crucial to the function of the immune system, Gatherer said.

But if a person's immune system can stand up to this initial attack — meaning their immune cells are not as depleted in the first stages of infection — then studies suggest they are more likely to survive the disease.

"The patients that survive it best are the ones who don't get such a bad [immune] deficiency," Gatherer told Live Science."

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