World Why We Named Our Son 'Trump' - Iraq Couple



An Iraqi couple has named their new-born son, Trump Ajil Ajil Musheen in show of appreciation that the United States provided Medical care for their son – Duboreen – who in a fire accident lost his nose, lips and most of his face damaged.

Duboreen is being taken care of in the United States by a kind stranger. His parents are in Northern Iraq. After Duboreen's fire accident in Iraq, a British agency arranged for Duboreen and his father to travel to a Children hospital in Boston for treatment. After series of operations, Duboreen was well, and could feed from the bottle again.

While Duboreen was receiving treatment in US, his father could not wait any longer because his wife was about to give birth in Iraq. He left him in the hands of a kind stranger to watch after him, and that he would be back.


Duboreen's little brother was born day after US elections, his parents were grateful that the United States had provided medical care for their child.

According to the father, he said: 'we wanted to show appreciation to America for what they are doing to our son, that's why we named him Trump.''

Despite being initially approved in January, Duboreen's parents visas were revoked. They are in Iraq, while their son is in the US. Iraq is one of the 5 muslim-majority countries banned from entering the United States for 90 days.

His father said: ''They didn't give us visas because they thought we were going there to stay. We wanted to finish our son's treatment, and then return home. ''

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