Metro Why We Won't Recruit Applicants With Tattoo – Nigerian Police Finally Speaks


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The Nigerian Police Force has finally stated reasons why it decided to disqualify applicants with tattoo for the ongoing recruitment exercise.

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Reacting to this stance, the Niger State Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Marafa, said that applicants for the ongoing police recruitment who have tattoos were rejected to avoid hiring cultists into the Force.

At an inspection of the recruitment process in Minna by the Federal Character Commission, (FCC), Marafa said people know that tattoos are associated with cult membership and the Police Force will not recruit people with them.

He disclosed that the recruitment exercise has been successful in the state as measures had been put in place to ensure that the applicants hired had even spread across the state.

The coordinator of the military recruitment for the sub-zone of Kogi, Kwara and Niger holding in Minna, Brigadier General Gabriel Ochigbano, told the visiting officials that the applicants had been screened down to 150 per state from the 350 per state on the average that showed up for the recruitment.

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