Entertainment Will Monalisa Chinda and Ruggedman Start a Relationship or Get Married?

It all started with a picture of celebrated rapper, Ruggedman and Nollywood actress and former publisher of Monalisa magazine, Monalisa Chinda sitting in a cuddled position; visibly modeling the former's clothing line, 'Twentieth September Wears' and in the blink of an eye, fans began urging both celebrities to consider spending the rest of their lives together.

Before now, the possibility of a romantic involvement between the duo has never been mentioned or even rumoured about yet fans have maintained that they would be happier seeing them live under one roof as man and wife.

Ruggedman is presently working on a relaunch of his 'Twentieth September Wear.'

The last we heard of Chinda from a romantic perspective was the collapse of her relationship with popular Lagos socialite, Lanre Nzeribe. She also has a beautiful daughter from her marriage to her ex-husband, Dejo Richards.

Ruggedman on the other hand, has never been married, is 38 years old and was once in a relationship with TV presenter, artiste, fashion designer and model, Isio Wanogho.

The rapper recently found himself denying allegations of dating controversial Gospel singer, Maheeda.

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Wow! And that's how we get another basket of hope. Hmmmmm... @Lequte Are you sure about this. Away from this, how much time can celebrity parents afford to spend together. I've always wondered. Ruggedman and Monalisa together? I really don't know about this one. I really don't! :oops::oops:


Awwwwwwww... Remember what they say about beauty (plus attraction) being in the eyes of the beholder. Remember how compatible Doris Simeon and Daniel Ademinokan looked? @ese Now that you're against this union, shall we ask them to 'FORGET IT' and go their separate ways? :(:(:(
They cant date. Hes too broke for her
They cant date. Hes too broke for her
What!!! @ese Are you saying Monalisa keeps the dude's pocket on top of her 'Must Have' list when considering a mate? Goodness! :(:(:( Jake (of Titanic fame), where are you? Is this the kind of love you died for? Have you even seen Ruggedman's account balance before? He might be a miser for all we care. Can cash (alone) knock Ruggedman off Monalisa's list (if she even wanted to consider him as a mate)? :p:p:p:p