World Woman Caned for Getting Too Close To Man She Wasn’t Married To



A woman was caned in front of a crowd of people for being ‘too close’ to a man who she wasn’t married to, an offence in Indonesia under Sharia Law.

Nur Elita was forced to endure the punishment outside a mosque where hundreds of people gathered to watch her being caned.

She received five lashes and had to be taken to hospital following the punishment.


Nur had violated the region’s strict Sharia laws after she allegedly showed affection to a fellow university student.

Sharia Law states that men and women who are not married are not allowed to get close to eachother due to the ‘khalwat’ offence. They face public caning if they do.

Source: Metro
This is hypocrisy of the highest order the person punishing her might even be doing it in secret this a kind of situation Jesus proffer solution by asking that any man that hasn't done it before should stone her first and nobody's hands was clean enough not even the prosecutors Islam better deviate from hypocrisy