World Zimbabwe Lawmakers To Citizens - Have Atleast 8 Children So We Can Attract Investment



Zimbabwe lawmakers wants couples to stop using birth control so they can have more children thereby attracting foreign investors into the country.


According to the Hansard, which provides a transcript of Zimbabwe's parliamentary debates, senators earlier this month moved a motion calling for the Zimbabwe government to promote large families.

Mike Musaka said: "Which investor would come to Zimbabwe to invest seriously for 14 million people?" He said that the money NGOs were spending on promoting birth control should instead be used to support families and pay for schooling for children.

Senator Monica Mutsvangwa of the ruling Zanu-PF party claimed that when she attempted to persuade investors in China to consider Zimbabwe: "The moment you tell them we are about 14 million they will all look around and say ah, I do not know how I can continue."

One of the suggestions is that incentives should be given to families to have "a minimum of eight children", according to the Hansard.

Zimbabwe's population growth rate was last measured at just 1.1% in 2012.