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    World 21 African Presidents Who Are Above 70 Years

    Africans are peculiar with old age leaders, many of whom are still long serving Presidents in their countries. They controlled African policies and stay the lives of millions of African youths on economic, social and political issues. In Nigeria, There has been so much excitement among youths...
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    World 10 Highest Paid Presidents in Africa

    Here's a list of ten highest paid Presidents in Africa according to a research by African Review. Denis Sassou Nguesso – Congo Republic $110,000 per year Ikililou Dhoinine – Comoros $115,000 Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud – Somalia $120,000 Uhuru Kenyatta – Kenya $132,000 Teodoro Nguema -...
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    World 9 African Presidents Who Have Spent More Than 20 Years in Power [LIST]

    Following the intention of Africa’s longest serving leader,Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo to run for another seven-year term, we take a look at some of Africa's longest serving leaders who after revolutions and coups, still remain in power 1. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo – Equatorial Guinea...
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    World List of 20 African Presidents That Died In Office

    All over the world, Africa has the highest rate of presidents that have died while in office. Seems not to be such a rare occurrence having occurred less than 50 times in recorded times with over 13 deaths occurring from 2000 till date. Such deaths have most often been from natural causes, but...