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    Metro Rescued Chibok Girls Have Stories the Nigerian Govt Doesn't Want the World to Hear -AP

    AP has reported that the Nigerian Government is holding on to some of the rescued Chibok school girls to prevent them from telling the world about military blunders in the fight against the Islamic extremist group. ''People who have spoken to the freed girls say they have stories the...
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    Metro Where is Amina Ali, Rescued Chibok Girl? Family Cries Out

    Family of the rescued Chibok girl and the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign are demanding wherebaout of the escaped schoolgirl, Amina Ali Nkeki. In a statement Wednesday night marking the 800th day of the mass abduction that outraged the world, Bring Back Our Girls also asked what the government is...
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    Metro Amina Ali Nkeki: 7 Things To Know About The Rescued Chibok Girl

    The rescue of two of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by the Islamist group Boko Haram from a secondary school in Chibok in northeastern Nigeria two years has thrown global attention onto Amina Ali and Sera Luka. Residents poured on to the streets as news spread that troops had...