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    Digital All iPhones And Some Android Phones Are Vulnerable To A New Device Fingerprinting Attack – Forbes

    Researchers at Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory have developed an insidious fingerprinting attack that allows iOS and Android devices to be tracked across the internet. The attack is simple to execute and virtually impossible to stop without direct … Read more via Forbes...
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    Digital 6 new hacks for your Android and iPhone – CNET

    You may not know what to do with your phone that’s only one or two years old. It’s still useful and has a ton of life left, but you just upgraded to the newest version. Sure, you could give it to a relative or recycle it. Or, you could give … Read more via CNET
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    Deals : Buy Gionee P7 5.0-Inch HD (2GB RAM,16GB ROM) Android 7.0 Nougat, 8MP + 5MP 4000mAh Battery 4G LTE Smartphone – Gold @ Best Price Online – Jumia Nige

    Key Features 5.0 Inch IPS HD Screen, 1280*720 Pixel MTK6737 1.3GHz Quad Core 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM 8 MP Back Camera + 5 MP Front Camera Amigo OS 4.0 ( Based On Android 7.0 System) 4000mAh Battery via Jumia Nigeria
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    Deals Buy Infinix Hot 5 (X559c) 5.5-Inch HD (2GB, 16GB ROM) Android 7, 8MP + 5MP Dual SIM 3G Smartphone (Fingerprint) - Sandstone Black | Jumia Online

    Description: The Hot 5 (X559c) Smartphone lives up to the Infinix hype, smartly combining a design you will love with features that make your life better. Bring your best moments to life with the 8MP + 5MP front and back cameras. Downloads, charging, and switching from app to app are all...
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    Digital Best Android Phones under 50,000 Naira – Nigeria Technology Guide

    Different people have what they consider a premium when it comes to buying smartphones. For a wide variety of users, they don’t want to go beyond the #50,000 mark while still hoping to get the best deals on specs. If that is you, we have compiled just the … Read more via Nigeria Technology...
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    You Won’t Believe What People Are Saying About The New Gionee A1 Smart Phone

    We've been impressed with the Gionee A1's large battery and powerful selfie camera, but we wanted to see how other Gionee A1 users were getting on with their device now that they've had some time to put it to the test. It turns out owners have plenty to say — both the good and the not so good…...
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    Gionee A1: The Phone With Amazing Selfies, Powerful Brain And Power

    DON’T JUDGE A GIONEE A1 ONLY BY ITS AMAZING SELFIES; ITS BRAINS AND BATTERY POWER WILL ALSO SHOCK YOU With a 16MP Selfie camera, you need no seer to tell you the new Gionee A1 is the master of beautiful Selfies. But, there is more in the basket than you could ever imagine. As a selfie freak...
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    Gionee A1 - Beautiful Selfies, Powerful Battery: Get Set To Be Amazed

    Think of a phone that has the specs of a professional camera, the skills of an experienced make-up artist, and a power station for battery and you will get the new Gionee A1 with a 16 MP front, 13MP rear camera and a 4010 Milliampere battery. Clearly, the Gionee A1 is a joy to behold; it...
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    6 Symptoms That Show Your Android Phone Is Infected

    Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system in the world right now hence, readily available. Since it is an open source software, it means hackers and malicious developers are bringing about new ways of exploiting loopholes in the OS. These are five signs you should look out for...
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    Gionee M6 Plus: 7 Things Every Nigerian Should Know

    Camera Gionee M6 Plus is packed with an amazing camera. The rear camera is 16MP with an LED flash and an Aperture size of 1.8 which has support for modes like HDR, touch focus, face/smile detection, etc. The front side is an 8MP camera with f/2.2 aperture ensuring incredible selfies. Display...
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    Gionee M6 Mirror: The Perfect Phone That Won't Give You Problems

    Let’s face it. The economy, the dollar, the unending vacationing, and the high price of everything are enough pain to last a lifetime. Only a strange fellow will want a “phone wahala” added to the list. In my quest to find the perfect phone, devoid of problems; the Gionee M6 Mirror crept into...
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    Gionee M6 Phone: The New Way To A Man's Heart

    Smartphones are everywhere, but one with features as alluring as the Gionee M6 will always stand the test of time. If you think the way to a man’s heart is food, trust me, the new Gionee M6 will change your mind. Despite the ubiquitous nature of smartphones, the Gionee M6 is an easy pick for...
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    Unveiling The Gionee M6 Mirror: A Phone Bigger Than Your Needs

    In the scheme of things, the word ‘BIG’ is a recurring decimal. We dream to make it big, ride big cars, live in big houses and buy big phones. The Gionee Family in response to our big desires creates a phone that mirrors them and calls it the GIONEE M6 MIRROR. Marvel at the sight of the Gionee...
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    Gionee P8w: Buy The Phone And You Will Realize It's A Gift

    If you ever find a phone so beautiful, so good, yet so affordable like the Gionee P8w, hold on to it because, another may not surface anytime soon. The Gionee P8w is the complete package. You may want to check it out… The Package The Gionee P8w with 5.0 HD IPS Display allows you enjoy a...
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    Gionee S6s: The Stylish, Sleek And Sophisticated S+ Rated Phone

    After two weeks with the Gionee S6s, I had to do something about the phone and since I can’t sing, I thought to write of its wonders. The phone has turned my doubts into incredible Selfies. With a plethora of other interesting features, you will not wonder why the phone is fast becoming a...
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    Gionee M6: Marathon Is Not A Myth

    For the smartphone world, it is the best of times, as it is the time of bests. The Gionee M6 is a fresh evolution of the almighty Gionee species that promises to raise the smartphone experience to newborn dimensions with a powerful battery. SLIM BUT MIGHTY The Gionee M6 can claim such a tag...
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    New Data Tariff: 7 Ways To Manage Your Mobile Internet Data

    It is no longer news that data will be the new gold has the FG, through the NCC has directed mobile telecom companies to increase data tariffs. While many Nigerians have protested the decree, it seems the FG is adamant and will not revert it's stand soon In anticipation of the increase in...
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    Gionee S6s: Unboxing The Phone Built For The Perfect Selfies

    When the perfect comes, the good has to give way. The Gionee S6s is an ingenious craft of perfection. It comes with a back Fingerprint Shutter for capturing Selfies and a Front flash for perfect Selfies even in imperfect lighting conditions. The specifications at a glance There’s a...
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    Gionee F103 Pro: I Will Choose You...Again And Again

    I needed a phone. And as every other time I had bought a phone; I brooded, browsed and asked every human I knew for their opinion. This time, I even carried out a twitter poll to find out which phone was the hottest in the market, most especially because the last time I bought a phone; 2 years...
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    If You've Got The Gionee F103 Pro, Flaunt It

    They say everyone is looking for the phone that makes them complete. Till they find it, their search is endless. But, when they find it….. You can’t deny the joy it brings as they unwrap that special phone The Gionee F103 Pro THE SPECIFICATIONS · 2,400mAh Battery · 5.0 Inches HD IPS...