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    Metro Anti-cholesterol drug Praluent lowers risk of death, heart attack – Punch Newspapers

    The anti-cholesterol drug Praluent (alirocumab), made by France’s Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, is linked to a 15 percent lower risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke, a study said Saturday. Alirocumab was also associated with a 15 percent reduction in death from any cause...
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    World World's Most-Wanted Drug Lord Chapo Guzman Recaptured

    Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, world's most-wanted drug lord who fled through a tunnel from a maximum security prison in a made-for-Hollywood escape that deeply embarrassed the Mexican government and strained the country's ties with the United States six months ago, has been recaptured. Mexican...
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    Metro Read What They Are Turning Under-Aged Girls To In Ekiti

    Ever heard of the Chinese World War 11 comfort women? Well, comfort women were a group of Chinese women in the occupied territories, forced into sexual slavery by Japanese soldiers during World War 11, just for the singular purpose of providing emotional support for soldiers. Though Ekiti is...
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    Metro Reasons For The Persistence Of Fake And Substandard Drugs In Nigeria - Popoola

    A Pharmacist, Mr Adesanmi Popoola, who is also the Managing Director, Reals Pharmaceuticals Limited, has said that faking and counterfeiting of drugs will continue to be a major issue and why pharmacy shops cannot be established in every nook and cranny of Nigeria, among other issues. “I have...
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    World Saudi detains 2 Nigerian pilgrims for drug-related offence

    Two of the 1,191 pilgrims from Oyo state who performed this year’s hajj were detained by the Saudi Arabian authorities for a drug-related offence. Adeleke AbdulKareem, secretary, Oyo State Pilgrims Welfare Board, disclosed this in an interview with Newsmen in Ibadan on Monday. Abdulkareem...