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    Metro Nigerian Pastor In Adultery Mess, Flees Housewife’s Home Unclad

    Residents of Wahab Close in Ejigbo in Lagos State, western Nigeria, were stunned by the drama that played out in their area after a pastor who sneaked into a man’s house to make love with the man’s wife was caught in the act. The pastor, who had already pulled off his pair of trousers and...
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    Metro 25-Year-Old Man Sentenced to Death by Hanging for Stealing Phones, Wristwatches

    A convicted armed robber, Rasak Ogedengbe, 25, has been sentenced to death by hanging for stealing money, wristwatches and phones from one Mr. Chukwukekwu at a Church in Ejigbo. The victim had gone to report at Ejigbo police station when he saw Ogedenge in the police van after the suspect had...