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    General Health 7 things to eat to help beat disease – according to a cancer expert… – Bournemouth Echo

    MOST of us know getting that all-important five-a-day and avoiding junk food is good for our health. But when it comes to exactly how specific foods can support and boost our health, things can seem a lot more confusing. This is something Harvard-trained medical doctor and researcher Dr William...
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    General Health This Is What Happens to Your Body if You Don’t Eat For Three Days – Tonic

    Breakfast is the most important meal day. At least that’s what many of us were brought up to believe. But a growing body of research is seriously undermining that idea. Fasting, in one form or another, is all the rage as evidenced by the volume of ripped bros on YouTube … Read more via Tonic...
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    6 Foods You Should Not Put In The Fridge

    Potatoes Cold temperatures will break down the starches in potatoes, making them unpleasantly sweet and gritty. Store in a cool and dry place Honey Honey can crystallize and seize up in cold temperatures. Room temperature is ideal to keep the natural sweetener perfectly okay. Coffee...
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    Metro How Food Ration Led To The Release Of Abducted Secondary School Girls

    New details have emerged yesterday yesterday that the release of the three abducted girls from Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary (BMJS), Ikorodu was made possible by shortage of food in the kidnappers’ den. One of the kidnappers left the hideout to purchase food and drinks when he was...