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    Metro Nigerian Lawmakers Reject Bill To Make History Compulsory Subject in Schools

    Nigerian lawmakers on Thursday threw out a bill seeking to make history a core learning subject in the nation’s primary and secondary schools. The proposed legislation was rejected by the House of Representatives after members raised concerns about the implication of a language in it. The...
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    Metro FG Reintroduces History Into Secondary School Curriculum

    The federal government on Thursday ordered the reintroduction of History in basic schools across the country. Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, who called for the disarticulation of social studies in the current curriculum of basic schools and reintroduction of history as a subject, said...
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    World Saudi Arabia Elects Up to 19 Women In Historic Election

    At least 19 Saudi women emerged victorious in Saturday’s historic local elections in which females in this religiously conservative kingdom were allowed to cast votes. Observers said that the election win marks a breakthrough in the conservative kingdom. The Minister of Municipal and...
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    World Top 20 Most Brutal and Ruthless Dictators In The History of Africa

    Leadership in Africa has typically been characterized by Coup d’etats, violence and dictatorship. Some scholars have argued this because democracy is not an African ideology. Historically, leadership in Africa was based on conquest and monarchy. Regardless of how they came into power, these...