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    World South Africa's President, Zuma Survives Impeachment Plot

    South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma, on Tuesday survived an impeachment vote in parliament launched after the constitutional court ruled he had ignored an order to repay state funds spent on his private home. The big majority of the African National Congress in the 400-seat assembly ensured...
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    World South Africa's Jacob Zuma Faces Impeachment

    South Africa's parliament is due to vote on an opposition-sponsored motion to impeach President Jacob Zuma. The Democratic Alliance (DA) said he was no longer fit to govern after the country's highest court ruled last week that he had breached the constitution by failing to repay public money...
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    Politics Buhari Gives 5 Reasons Why Nigeria is Using Minimum Force on Boko Haram

    President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday explained why Nigeria is using “minimum force” in fighting Boko Haram insurgents, while addressing a special session of the EU parliament in Strasbourg, France, Here are the four reasons why Nigeria is not coming hard on the Boko Haram militants... -...
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    World Donald Trump Threatens to Scrap UK Investments if Barred from Britain

    A spokesman for the US politician’s business empire said on Wednesday that Donald Trump will scrap $1 billion of planned investments in Britain if he is banned from entering the country. British lawmakers are expected to debate whether the Republican presidential candidate should be barred from...
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    World Iran: Over 12,000 Candidates to Run For Parliamentary Elections

    Over 12,000 candidates, including some 1,200 women have registered to run in Iran’s parliamentary elections, the Interior Ministry said on December 25. Several former ministers and lawmakers, a nephew of the commander of Iran’s elite Qods force Qasem Soleimani, and one of the sons and a...
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    World Rwanda's President, Kagame Hits Hard On U.S.

    The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, has warned the United States not to interfere in his country's politics, amid a row over whether he should stay on in power. On his twitter feed President Kagame said it was up to Rwandans to decide their political future. On Tuesday the American...