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    Davido - Nigerian Bulletin Personality of the Week (Week 28)

    David Adedeji Adeleke better known by his stage name Davido is an American-born Nigerian recording artist, performer and record producer. His 2011 single "Dami Duro" was well-received throughout Nigeria. Along with his elder brother Adewale Adeleke, Davido is the co-owner of HKN Music. He has...
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    Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbanago- Nigerian Bulletin Personality of the Week (Week 25)

    Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbanago is a security officer who works with UBA Group. In a rare display of integrity and honesty, he found and returned $10,000 outside on the ground at his branch. Despite many condemnations from various quarters, he has also maintained that he would do same if presented...
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    Uche Ogah - Nigerian Bulletin Personality of the Week (Week 24)

    Uchechukwu S. Ogah(born 22 December 1969) is a Nigerian oil magnate, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. On June 27, 2016, Uche Ogah was declared governor of Abia State by the Federal High Court Abuja, but the governor has said he will appeal the judgement. The Federal High Court ruled...
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    Oresegun Olumide - Nigerian Bulletin Personality of the Week (Week 10)

    When paintings of Oresegun Olumide flooded the internet few days ago, tongues wagged and excitement spread like wildfire at the sheer beauty and reality of his works. Everyone agreed that his works were pure genius. His works were so good that he got featured on CNN. He wins again as he has...
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    Nyesom Wike: Nigerian Bulletin Personality of The Week

    Hello fam. We are happy to announce to you Nyesom Wike as the winner for this week's Nigerian Bulletin Personality of the Week. After INEC proclaimed him as the winner of the 2015 guber elections in Rivers State, Peterside Dakuku of the APC challenged his victory in court. Wike's victory was...