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    Business Queen Elizabeth II honours Interswitch boss, Ken Olisa with Knighthood –

    Olisa Following the announcement in November 2017 of the appointment of Kenneth Olisa (OBE) as Interswitch’s new chairman, the businessman and philanthropist has been recognized, amongst other notable individuals, in Queen Elizabeth (II)’s New Year Honours. Olisa is a British businessman with a...
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    Entertainment Hello Magazine Crowns Meghan Markle Woman of the Year 2017

    Hello! magazine Meghan Markle has been crowned 2017’s Woman of the Year! The newly-engaged star has received the honor from U.K.’s Hello! magazine and appears on the cover of the publication’s latest edition. It’s been a life changing year for the 36-year-old, from recently wrapping her … via...
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    World Queen Elizabeth Almost Shot For Strolling Round Buckingham Palace

    Queen Elizabeth narrowly escaped being shot by a guard at the Buckingham Palace at 3 a.m. MIRROR UK reports that the Queen is a fan of late night walks and, when she struggles to sleep, will walk around the palace grounds wearing a winter coat. A guardsman apparently came across The Monarch...
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    World Fake News On Queen Elizabeth's Death Sends Twitter Into Frenzy

    Fake news on the death of Queen Elizabeth II gripped the United Kingdom On Thursday. 2016 was the year of “fake news” which was believed to have significnant impact on the 2016 US Presidential election as rumor Queen’s death and an alleged media cover-up trend on social media. A fake BBC News...
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    World Queen Elizabeth to Mark 90th Birthday With Just a Stroll At Windsor Castle

    Queen Elizabeth II , the longest-reigning monarch in British history turns 90 on Thursday, but the Queen is not planning a major, fireworks-filled celebration to mark the happy occasion. Just a gentle stroll outside the grounds of Windsor Castle, the lighting of a beacon, and a night at home...