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    How Technology Helps People Living with Disabilities – TechMoran
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    World People Want Better WiFi More than Sex – AskMen

    Poor WiFi connections can lead to some major headaches. Troubleshooting routers, counting those damned blinking lights, color coding them, or digging into the.... Read more via AskMen – Get more World News
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    Digital Google now lets you auto-delete your app activity, location and web history after 3 or 18 months – TechCrunch

    It’s no secret that unless you opt out, Google keeps a very detailed record of your location history and a log of the web sites you visit in Chrome and apps you use. There have always been ways … Read more via TechCrunch
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    Digital Google knows everywhere you go — here’s how to stop it from tracking you and delete the logs – CNBC

    Google knows a lot about you and, if you use Google Maps or other Google apps, it stores a copy of everywhere you go. I recently performed Google’s "Privacy Checkup" to learn a bit more about what it knows about me, and was pretty surprised at the level of detail … Read more via CNBC...
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    Digital A hotspot finder app exposed 2 million Wi-Fi network passwords – TechCrunch

    A popular hotspot finder app for Android exposed the Wi-Fi network passwords for more than two million networks. The app, downloaded by thousands of users, allowed anyone to search for Wi-Fi networks in their nearby area. The app allows the … Read more via TechCrunch
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    General Health How to Check Your Vacation Rental or Hotel Room for Hidden Cameras – Travel + Leisure

    Home-sharing services like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO have undoubtedly change the travel industry forever. Now, thanks to these services, travelers can truly get familiar with a new location and spend time living like a local. But, a few recent headlines about hosts setting up hidden cameras...
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    General Health Voice-Assisted Tech Can Be a Driving Hazard – WebMD Health

    (HealthDay News) — The risks of using voice-based technology in your car may be greater than you think. Many consider this technology safer than using their hands to operate devices while driving, but it’s not … Read more via WebMD Health
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    Business How To Build Your Own Computer From Scratch .

    When someone tells you that they build computers for a living, you may be impressed. Rightfully so in lots of cases where the people have a deep technical knowledge that can only be achieved after years of learning at the highest level. These people deserve respect. The world is … via...
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    World How New Cellphones Could Help Revolutionize The World – Forbes – Entrepreneurs

    Fairphone Fairphone hopes its modular approach can upend the industry Photo: Fairphone I consider myself fortunate to live in a country – Luxembourg – where the principles of a Circular Economy are strongly endorsed by the government and starting to take ever-deeper hold throughout society. And...
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    Business President Buhari is not interested in technology –

    If it is true that what you say, and how you say them expose and unveil the condition and attitudes of your heart, it is safe to say that the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari is not interested in technology in Nigeria, at least not in 2018. … via BusinessDay : News you can trust –...
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    Business Technology has made pension verification seamless – PTAD –

    Mrs Sharon Ikeazor, the Executive Secretary, Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) says the deployment of technology has made pension verification seamless. via TODAY.NG – Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    Metro Bill Gates is surprisingly strict about his kids’ tech use — and it should be a red flag...

    Shutterstock Rex for EEM Bill Gates has set strict rules in his home regarding the use of cell phones and other technology. The policy speaks to the growing consensus in Silicon Valley that consumer tech is too addictive, and potentially harmful to young brains. For all his success in designing...
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    Metro TECH: World’s smallest mobile phone is smaller than a USB drive – The Independent Uganda:

    In an age when phablets and big screen smartphones are more popular than ever, one manufacturer is swimming against the tide by trying to make its mobile phones as tiny as possible. Their latest achievement, a phone that’s smaller than the average human … via The Independent Uganda: –...
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    Metro WhatsApp will Stop Working on Many Smartphones from Jan 1

    WhatsApp is about to stop working on a range of old smartphones, meaning owners will have to buy newer gadgets if they want to continue using the chat app to the best of its capabilities. On New Year’s Day, WhatsApp will ‘remove support’ for a number of devices – which updated versions of the...
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    Siemens: Driving Africa's Technology And Skills Revolution

    Siemens is driving Africa’s technology and skills revolution · Donation of equipment and free training for West African universities · Commitment to long-term skills and knowledge transfer in Africa · Investing resources and time to shape a more prosperous future With 200 million...
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    Stem Cells: Produce Your Own Meat Without Killing An Animal

    Engineered meat is taking on a new flavour as an entrepreneur aims to help people make animal-free meat at home, like brewing beer, by sharing cell cultures. Think of producing your own meat in your lab at home without slaughtering animals. With a few cells and a container, the process could be...
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    3 Habits That Can Crash Your Hard Disk

    One of the major fears of computer users, be it laptops or desktops is the fear of an hard disk crash. Hard disk crashes leave in it's trail disappointments and heartbreaks because your files and documents are affected, most times irreversibly. A lot of factors are responsible for an hard disk...
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    Metro Science Minister Reveals Nigeria’s Ranking in World Technology, Innovation

    Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, has said that in Global Competitiveness Report for 2015/2016, Nigeria recorded a score of 3.0 out of 7 and ranked 106 out of 140 countries on Technological Readiness and a score of 2.8 out of 7 with a rank of 117 out of 140 countries on...
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    How To Read 'Secret' Messages On Your Facebook Messenger Inbox

    A 'secret' Facebook Messenger inbox may contain messages you had no idea you received. While many users have no idea it exists, some messages are diverted to a special folder 'filtered requests' in the 'Message Requests' inbox. Users aren't sent a notification when messages arrive from...
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    How To Watch Online Videos Even With A Slow Network

    Most people do not bother to watch online videos simply because they have slow internet connection either on their mobile phones, laptop and desktop. This has made a lot of people miss on on information that could have made their lives better. However, there is a simple trick you can use to...