1. Nigerians Outraged Over Reported Misappropriation of $300 Million Antimalaria Fund - Perm Sec and Minister Summoned by Reps

    Nigeria Nigerians Outraged Over Reported Misappropriation of $300 Million Antimalaria Fund - Perm Sec and Minister Summoned by Reps

    The House of Representatives Committee on Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and Tuberculosis has taken decisive action in response to the alleged misappropriation of $300 million in antimalarial funds. Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Mohammed Pate, has been summoned to appear before the committee...
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    Metro ‘AIDS, TB, malaria deaths, infection could skyrocket in next 12 months’ – The Guardian Nigeria News
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    Metro Experts seek integration of TB into COVID-19 response – The Guardian Nigeria News
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    World COVID-19 disruptions may raise cancer, HIV, TB cases, deaths globally – The Guardian Nigeria News
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    Metro ‘Tuberculosis kills at least 432 people daily in Nigeria’ - The Nation Nigeria News
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    World Childhood TB Shot May Offer Lung Cancer Protection – WebMD Health

    A tuberculosis vaccine commonly used in other parts of the world might reduce a person’s risk of developing lung cancer if given early in childhood, a six-decade-long study reports.... Read more via WebMD Health – Get more World News
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    General Health 18 Nigerians die of Tuberculosis hourly, NTBLCP says – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper

    No fewer than 18 Nigerians die hourly from Tuberculosis (TB), the National Tuberculosis, Burulli Ulcer and Leprosy Control Programme (NTBLCP) , said on Friday in Lagos. Mrs Itohowo Uko, the Deputy Directorof NTBLCP in the Federal Ministry of Health, disclosedd this … Read more via The...
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    Politics Aisha Buhari to speak on global fight against tuberculosis – Premium Times Nigeria

    The wife of the President, Aisha Buhari, will be soliciting for increased political commitment to funding … Read more via Premium Times Nigeria – Get More Nigeria Political News
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    Metro Tuberculosis: Early diagnosis, treatment key – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – Nigeria and...

    Tuberculosis diagram As the World Tuberculosis (TB) Day is marked this Saturday, physicians have said the disease affects nine million people and causes death of about 1.5 million globally in a year. TB is said to be the ninth leading cause … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper –...
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    Metro Nigeria Ranks 4th Among Countries With Worst Cases of Tuberculosis

    A new report on global burden of disease released, yesterday, by the World Health Organisation, WHO, has ranked Nigeria 4th among six countries with the highest burden of Tuberculosis, TB. The report revealed that Nigeria and five other countries including India, Indonesia, China, Pakistan...
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    Metro Nigeria: 60,000 Children Infected With Tuberculosis Annually - Report

    Partnership Nigeria, an NGO, said on Thursday in Abuja that out of the 600,000 cases of tuberculosis recorded annually in Nigeria, children accounted for 60,000. Nigeria ranks third amongst countries with the highest burden of tuberculosis, the NGO said. According to Partnership Nigeria...
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    Fatigue - 7 Possible Conditions Getting You Easily Tired

    Easy tiredness, also known as fatigue is a subjective feeling of exhaustion, weakness or low energy before, during or after carrying out routine activities. It's commonplace in our clinics to hear people lodge complaints like, 'I get easily tired these days doctor and I don't know why'. In fact...