5 Reasons Why Your Mobile Phone Can Explode



It is no longer a secret that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead :(. Giant phone maker Samsung, due to widely reported cases of it's flagship Galaxy Note 7 phone exploding or catching fire, has halted production as a result of some defects in its battery design. However, it should be noted that even a flawlessly designed phone can still explode or catch fire from factors the owner exposes it to. Here are 5 reasons your mobile phone can explode:


Using your smartphone while charging
Have you ever wondered why the wires on your phone chargers are usually short? This is so that it would be difficult for you to use while charging. Using your phone while charging causes it to heat up unusually and that is very dangerous

Not using an original charger

Phones have their specific chargers. You should always use that. But, you cannot avoid the fact that you may forget your charge or misplace it leading you to borrow a charger. If you are borrowing one, use an original one.

Over charging
Ideally, you should stop charging your phone before it gets to 100%, 80%-90% is preferable. A lot of people keep charging their phones even at 100%. This places necessary stress on your battery which can lead to explosion

Using non-original batteries

You should always replace batteries with original ones. However, with so many counterfeits in the market, you should look out for certain feature to identify the original. Better still, just buy it at an authorized dealer even though it may be expensive.

Reduce exposure to sunlight

Do not charge your phone when it is exposed to sunlight. That is a double does of energy that can damage your phone.

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Good luck!!

Culled from Nairaland