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[Aug 02, 2010 Archived]
One of the celebrities thrown up by the just concluded World Cup tournament in South Africa is the German Octopus Paul. The two-year-old psychic cephalopod achieved global fame for correctly predicting all of Germany’s World Cup matches, including their two defeats by Spain and Serbia. It also successfully tipped Spain to win the World Cup – predictions that reportedly led to the mollusc receiving death threats from Dutch fans as it did from German supporters in the two occasions it successfully predicted German defeats. Surprisingly the animal announced its retirement just a day after the conclusion of the World Cup.

There are a number of lessons from Octopus Paul.

One, belief in divination and other paranormal experiences is not an exclusively African thing, as is sometimes wrongly presented in the Western media. In addition to Octopus Paul, there are TV stations in Europe that are dedicated to broadcasting occult practices and paranormal experiences. Wives of some prominent politicians in the West have also been rumoured to be avid customers of those who claim to possess supernatural powers. In many African countries, even though the belief in occult and paranormal phenomena is pervasive, very few people want to be openly identified with them – for fear of being thought primitive. Will the open resort to divination in the West during the World Cup (as the case of Octopus showed) remove the stigma attached to such practices in Africa?

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