Blood of Survivors is the Key to Curing Ebola – WHO


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According to the World Health Organization, the best chance for Ebola patients to be immediately cured may have just presented itself in the blood of the survivors.

As we continue to battle the worst Ebola outbreak in history and with the depleting stock of experimental Ebola drugs, global health officials are beginning to look into the distinct possibility of the Ebola virus being cured by the immunity developed by survivors of the disease.

Basically, the idea is to tap into the immunity imbued the survivors system since beating the virus. The doctors intend to use the plasma, which is the part of the blood with the antibodies, in creating a cure for the infection.

Nigerian Communications Week optimistically reports:

Some early research suggests using blood from survivors could be a success. In 1995 in Kikwit in the Democratic Republic of Congo, seven of eight infected people given the therapy survived during an outbreak with an 80 per cent fatality rate.

While studies have since showed conflicting results, the strategy is worth trying again as the current death toll rises, said David Wood, who leads a World Health Organisation team evaluating the approach.

It is “a feasible option”, said Mr Wood. “We’re consulting with the blood operators who have capability to assist, so that we can get some realistic sense of when this could be available as an option. We’ll have that information pretty soon.”

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