Metro Boko Haram: We are Suspecting OIC - CAN (DailyPost)


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The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Tuesday debunked claims by the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) that Boko Haram members and their activities were anti-Islam.

Musa Ayake, CAN Secretary General stated that such statement cannot be true, given the antics and background of the Boko Haram sect.

Ayake told news men that “if they said they are not Muslims, they should meet with Boko Haram because the sect had told the whole world that they are Muslims, that they want to upturn Nigeria’s constitution and put in place sharia law.

“These are Muslims; it is not only in Nigeria, look at other Islamic countries, there are killings also. If they are rejecting Boko Haram, it should not be on paper. They should tell us the steps and actions they have taken to show that Boko Haram and its activities are anti-Islam.”

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Shut up if you have nothing to say. Sometimes we just talk for talking sake. If they didn't say it what what could you have done. Am a Christian I will appreciate it whenever CAN wants to talk let it be tangible.
You are what you are and will remaun so. Is ut the respinsibility of O I C to protect lives of Nigerians? What the Islamic body says is simple for all to understand except for people like you. What can you tell us about the activities of Ombatse? you and your collaborators have been giving this government wrong advice on how to end B H activities.One may not be surprised at your stand, mr.secretary taken into consuderation where you come from.