Sports Chelsea: Eden Hazard Compares Conte's Tactics With Mourinho's



Chelsea's Eden Hazard has stated that current manager Antonio Conte works far harder on the tactical side of the game than Jose Mourinho.

"In tactics and training we do more with Conte.

"We work a lot of tactical positions and we know exactly what we have to do on the pitch, where I have to go and where the defenders have to go.

"We know exactly what to do. With Mourinho, he put in a system but we didn't work lots. We know what to do because we play football, but maybe the automatisms were a little bit different.

"With Mourinho, Nemanja Matic was behind me in the season when we won the title and sometimes I stayed in front and Matic did the job.

"With Conte it's different. I close more inside because Marcos Alonso is there as a wing-back. I just need to be ready to counter-attack if we get the ball."


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