Sponsored CoinCola: Why It’s the Preeminent Site to Buy or Sell Bitcoins and Any Other Cryptocurrency


Are you seeking to buy or sell your bitcoins, USDT, LTC, XRP, or any other cryptocurrency; and confused about the platform that could offer you the best experience? Worry no more; CoinCola will impeccably handle your issue.

What Is CoinCola?

CoinCola recently launched in Nigeria, is an OTC cryptocurrency marketplace that offers the best cryptocurrency trading services for every user. Other than fast and secure trading, it also offers reasonable fees, exchange rates, and gift cards for transactions. Besides, it allows people across the globe to sell gift cards for bitcoin right in the platform! What is more, CoinCola has partnered with Dash (cryptocurrency); which offers you the opportunity to move your money in any way you like at affordable rates.

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Furthermore, CoinCola aims to connect you with the future of finance; it understands that blockchain technology will be a profound requirement for providing secure banking, as well as payment services in future. Apparently, the digital currency would improve the accessibility of every transaction and even aid in creating a financially borderless world; and this is the main objective of CoinCola.

If you intend to buy or sell any your cryptocurrency, CoinCola will provide you with trustworthy trading services and exchange. In the process, it progresses to improving their services, hence won’t disappoint; digital asset economy is imminent, and this course is astute.

Why You Must Choose CoinCola for Cryptocurrency

Globally, CoinCola allows members to trade using their local (FIAT) currency to buy and sell BTC, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), bitcoin cash, ripple (XRP), tether (USDT), and DASH. Typically, trading is handled on a person-to-person basis. However, transactions are completed through escrow; a secure online payment.

Here are the top reasons to choose CoinCola:
  • Eminent for Cryptocurrency Transactions
CoinCola is a unique platform that provides over the counter (OTC), as well as coin-coin pair exchange services. Its OTC market offers you the chance to buy and sell cryptocurrency using your local fiat currency. After the first step, you can proceed to diversify your portfolio by using their pair trading services on the CoinCola Exchange. The good thing is that you don’t need to leave the market.
  • Low Rates
CoinCola’s rates are pretty affordable for all transactions; in fact, the fee for OTC trades is among the lowest in the marketplace. Buying and selling in the OTC platform are absolutely FREE! The only thing charged is when you post an advertisement and accomplish a trade. Additionally, it’s free to deposit to your CoinCola wallet.

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  • Gift Cards and Rewards
CoinCola offers gift cards for every transaction. Besides, you can sell your gift cards on the platform.

CoinCola values your business prospect, and for this to happen, they have a referral program and an affiliate partnership structure. A reward is given anytime, you refer a user, and when this customer completes a trade. Therefore, make more referrals and earn more!
  • Excellent for Multiple Cryptocurrencies
Unlike many exchanges that are limited to buying and selling bitcoin, CoinCola supports the exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies including Litecoin (LTC), BCH, USDT, ETH and DASH.
  • Fast and Easy
CoinCola system is friendly for both new and experienced traders. Its system is designed in a manner that simply provides you with eminent trading services. Additionally, the mobile app is available, and it ensures that you can securely access your account anywhere at any time. Besides, it keeps you updated.
  • Security
Incredibly, CoinCola facilitates a significant number of up to 100, 000 monthly transactions. The platform takes security seriously; it has a security workforce with over 10 years of experience. Notwithstanding, it incorporates the most advanced technology in its system, including bank-level encryption, SSL and cold storage. All these high-end security measures ensure that your account is safe.
  • Customer Service
CoinCola cryptocurrency platform offers a professional customer service; it handles every detail regarding their customers with expertise. It has one of the most dedicated customer support team that’s always accessible to solve any issue.

Additionally, it has all-inclusive articles that answers commonly asked questions and also solve similar problems.

Conclusively, based on these reasons it’s clear that you can now sell and buy your bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies on CoinCola without reservations.

CoinCola Video - How it works

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