Business Doing Business: Nigeria, Iraq, Lead in Lethal Conflicts -New Telegraph



Six countries including Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, South Sudan, and Syria have been listed as coming tops among countries with conflict severity index by renowned risk rating agency, Maplecroft. Maplecroft’s Conflict Severity Index reports that 11 per cent of countries have seen a significant decrease in conflict compared with the last update of the index in October 2013, while 24 per cent of countries experienced a measurable increase in the number of conflict related fatalities. The Conflict Severity Index assesses the level of conflict in a country.

It includes manifest or non-violent conflict at the lowrisk end of the scale, to political violence, crisis and war at the extreme-risk end of the scale.

To this end, the index considers data on conflict-related deaths and casualties (including civilian deaths), levels of societal violence and political differences. According to the rating agency, “Central African Republic is joined at the top of the rankings by Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan, and Syria (all 1st), reflecting high levels of lethal conflict across these geographies.”

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