Entertainment Emeka Ike - Nigerians Refused to Help Prince James Uche Because He's Not a Fine Girl



Emeka Ike, President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, is claiming that Nigerians refused to help Nollywood veteran Prince James Uche pay his hospital bill because he's not a fine girl.

prince james uche.jpg

In a chat with the Punch, Emeka Ike , “It is sad that someone like Prince James is begging for help but what is sadder is the fact that one Nigerian can actually pay all his medical bills.

“But because the sickness does not involve a fine girl, everybody is minding their business. I bet you that if it was a fine girl that was in his shoes, a lot of Nigerian men would have signified interest in helping but because the matter at hand involves an old man, everyone seems to be turning a deaf ear.

“I implore all Nigerians to please support this wonderful talent and help him back on his feet. On my part, I would continue to do what I can to help him and other members of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

“I have done what I can personally for Prince James and I also call on Nigerians to also come and help out en masse. “But I really do not believe in actors coming out to beg for money to solve one issue or the other and that is why my administration is working on a biometric card with my friend Pretty Okafor of PMAN so that we can know all our members and cater for them especially when they are in dire need of help,” he added.