Entertainment Why Mercy And Ike's Relationship May Not Last


Ike and Mercy are no doubt one of the more interesting couples of Big Brother Naija season 4. From their cosy moments to serving as co-Heads of House, the couple have given us lots to talk about this season. But fans of the show will also remember that they've had some pretty explosive verbal exchanges, which even resulted in strikes for both housemates, and this has Ike worried.

On the latest episode of Extraview on Showmax, a discussion about their relationship led Ike to reveal that his mouth and money were the biggest worries he had about his relationship failing, not unfaithfulness.

He made this known after Mercy told him he wasn't allowed to cheat on her.

"Why would I cheat on you? I can't even spin someone in the club; you'll murder me. You know I was scared of you before we started even being together, now I'm even more cautious," Ike shared.

Continuing Ike said, "Cheating is not my problem; I know how to be committed. The problem was this thing here (pointing at his mouth) and money."

Mercy seemed to agree with him as she replied, saying, "Your mouth is rotten."

Big Brother Naija fans will recall that a few weeks ago Ike and Mercy got into a heated exchange which saw Mercy fling a bottle of water at Ike, an action which resulted in a strike for her.

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Famous couples constantly spreading out some rumorts about each other all together no matter what, so I am totally lost in any possible case there. Do let me going in that matter anyway, I am really done with all this. You need to stop giving them attention.