Business Fashola: Nigerians Will Get 24 Hour Power Supply - if They Can Afford it



Nigeria's Power Minister, Babatunde Fashola, has stated that a new power tariff will soon be launched in the country which will ensure Nigerians pay more for electricity - if they want to consume more.

He spoke during the inauguration of additional 220 megawatts to be dedicated to Lagos State by Egbin Power Plant in Lagos. This will be in addition to the Disco’s normal power allocation from the national grid.

According to him, FG will encourage the electricity distribution companies to allocate dedicated power to only those consumers who are ready to pay more under a ‘willing buyer, willing seller basis’.

“I want to emphasis to the members of the public that there is privatisation. So, our role as a government has changed. The sector has been taken over by the private sector,” he said.

“If Eko Disco takes dedicated power and give it to those who are will to pay a bit higher on a willing buyer, willing seller basis, it will free more power for those who pay less,” he argued.


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Increasing the price is one thing they are capable of doing.

Let Nigerians experience uninterrupted light for three months to prove to them that it can be done before talking about increase.


This is arrant nonsense. These people want to privatize the energy so that they that can have monopoly, decide when to hike prices at wish. The government is supposed to have a strong agreement with the private company/s on tariff. If the private companies are allowed to do as they wish without the government monitoring the system, more problems are coming. The minister should be ashamed for telling his people that they can have 24hours of power if the are ready to pay more money. I'm disappointed in a minister of his caliber.
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R u not in Nigeria, since wen have they privatize Nepa to phcn before the starting of this regime, far back since and he said it in his statement that it has been privatize and little can the government do on it. Go and read it well my brother and digest it. Except if they want to reclaim it back for the government and I don't think that will be easy for now.


Nigerians can have power if they can pay more ? Kai ! It is unfortunate for a minister of federal republic to VOMIT this kind of VENOM ! What about the RECOVERED LOOTED MONIES ? or is it POLITICS ?