(Opinion) Security, Education, Health, Economy; Buhari, PDP, 'Thanks' and Leave, No More - Ajiboye Amos Olakunle


A popular adage says; sometimes, you need to appreciate a failure so as to end it.

Ever in the history of Nigeria, it's been so regular to be so exposed to danger and vulnerability we're exposed to this day, Even though Buhari's is hotter.

We've not only lost our loved ones, great Nigerians, heroes, Patriots but also our hopes. How long should we live like this?

Not only the fear of Boko Haram terrorists, Fulani herdsmen, the undisclosed minor bandits but also we live with the fear of several Security operatives.

It is so sarcastic that those saddled with the duties and responsibilities of protecting citizens are more dangerous than the 'dangers' itself.

We've had countless cases where special anti-robbery squad(SARS) officials killed innocent citizens without a reason. Also, cases where Soldiers of the Nigerian Army brutalized and killed innocent citizens without a reason. Thereafter, no justice was ensured.

We seem to live in a dungeon as Nigerians especially those without power, influence, connection or 'stolen wealth'.

The northern part of Nigeria is almost worst than the most dangerous Afghanistan region. So dangerous that the governor was attacked and could have been executed if not for his 'crawling skills'.

However, these are terrorists that have been 'embraced' and 'entertained' by the government to courageously carry on with their duties.

Interestingly, this insecurity has rocked the home of our dear president at Katsina State. The president had held meetings severally with Security chiefs so as to end Insecurity but all to no avail.
However, the past government had also failed in terms of Security and all that concerns the protection of the nation

Nigeria seems to be under a greater threat as the government can not put an end to terrorism. This implies that the government is weak, the administration is feeble and not up to the task.

The president had come out to disclose that he's done his best concerning insecurity. If his best is this great Insecurity, I believe he deserves no sit in the presidential Aso Villa.

Education is another very grave disappointment caused by this administration. It seems education is not even in the list of preference been worked on by this administration and pasts.

There are several schools in Nigeria where the structures are so dilapidated that wind could pull them apart. We've had several students scared off from education due to the cost of it.

However, despite the outrageous cost of education in the country, there is no opportunity thereafter to reward the exercise. So many citizens belief Education is a scam because it has been proven by the government.

We've seen situations where graduates rode commercial bikes in order to earn a living as a result of lack of jobs. We've seen so many favouritism, nepotism and tribalism displayed by the government officials where opportunities are given to those undeserving.

If an illiterate can be favoured with the job opportunity meant for a graduate, what then is education meant for in Nigeria?

The speaker of a state's assembly was reported to have contravened the provision of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria whereby he disguised as a lawyer when he's not, he made ridicule out of the government and the country as a whole. However, no justice has been done because he's legally backed up by favouritism, Godfatherism and nepotism.

This is a country where an agency paid the managing director 10 Billion Naira for Christmas bonus but over 10 states have not received such as monthly allocation to cater for the needs of the citizens.

A country where the lawmakers are paid over 30 million Naira monthly and Nigerians could not be given a thousand naira as palliatives or free electricity in a month.

A country where the same lawmakers get slots to favour family members and friends for the NPOWER programme while the Nigerians who need the programme are very stranded and devastated.

The educational system has been operated in the country is a mockery to those parading around the government as leaders. Perhaps, marauders and the hungry for stolen privileges.

The educational system is so insane that none of the government officials could register their offsprings in such. They all take their children out of the country to enjoy what they can not do to their country.

Just as Education, so is the health sector. Nigerian hospitals are such that grants deaths in a quicker way than expected.

Aso Villa hospital which got billions of naira from the budget could not boast of a ventilator.

We've had teachers and medical doctors been owed salaries for months but our lawmakers got more cars to their fleet.
This administration has only levelled up the failure compared to the past in terms of education and other developmental projects.

Obviously, when the Education is crumbled, Insecurity put in place and the health sector is shattered, then the Economy will be that of a setback and much bad luck.

Buhari has borrowed so much that the value of our currency is far below 30 countries in Africa. This is not a surprise as Nigeria is backwardly leading as the giant of Africa under the rulership of 'Baba Buhari'.

The value of what the president has borrowed so far is much more than all past administration's debt put together.

The question is still left unanswered; What has been the major achievement since the independence of Nigeria as nothing can be boasted of; Education, Infrastructures, Economy, Security, Maladministration, Infringement of Fundamental Human Rights and others.
We can see the Executive defending terms and agreements of borrowing from China to lose sovereignty to them thereafter.

The minister for transportation has defended that nothing is wrong ceding sovereignty to China all because he wants to access some loans probably for his personal upkeep or some slight transportation project.

The implication of the clause in the loan agreement with China is that, by the time Nigeria is unable to pay back the debt, they'll take over some sectors in Nigeria and the minister nor the presidency sees nothing wrong in it.
Even though the president and the minister is aware that the nation's income can't cater for such repayment of loans

Obviously, Nigeria won't be able to pay back loans with this current administration where the GDP has fallen below the rate of loan servicing.
Both parties have recovered loots. However, if you ask me, who are the looters? So interesting that a looter catches a looter. Also, where are the trillions of naira recovered from loots including the Abacha's? Sorry, I forgot it's programmed to be 'auto reloot'.

The Buhari's administration has choked Nigerians with taxes that many are beginning to trek through the borders of Somalia but yet, Buhari needs more money.
The past administration had also borrowed, this is due to a lack of visions and ideas. If not for crude oil, Nigeria is naked.

I do hope this serves as an open letter to the presidency, the great Nigerians, the aged marauders hunting for seats in the Government in order to destroy us further. I also hope it'll be a guide for restructuring because enough is enough.

When we continually live like this, history will remember us as those who saw, felt, thought but could not act. It is not sinning to take back what belongs to us and it'll be a pleasure dying for one's right.
The time to act is now. Take to the streets, engage the ignorants, we've come a long way, it's time for freedom. We can't keep moving backwards as our drivers(APC&PDP) has failed to move us forward.
Nigeria is a great nation, we're great people and I'm calling on all Nigerians to stand up for the time has come.